World Indices

At Aarambh India FX you can view a range of global stock indices. Some of the major indices include FTSE, Wall Street 30, CAC 40, Euro Stoxx 50, and Nikkei 225. The most heavily traded Indices are those of the developed countries and regions that include the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, France, Japan, and Germany.

For nearly a century, trading major market indices has been a popular way of investing, but individual traders have not always had access to this feature. Leveraging our advanced technology one can now trade World indices and gain from a host of tradable products.

World Indices Trading online provide a diversified way to track the movements of global equity markets without having to identify a trade or directly own specific stocks or group of stocks. These can be harnessed as hedging instruments for trading and index short while being invested long in a group of equity stocks that trade in the same market. The highly liquid and easy tradability of indices make these instruments perfect tools for a wide range of trading strategies.